Sunday, July 10, 2011

talk to the stranger

when i'm get bored,, i'll search anything, as at home i have 24 hours for using internet,,haha.. what i get today is,, one website that connecting people around the world randomly.. here are some of the chat of mine

with italian
there i'm talking about a video,, he is a good drawer and love playing football but sadly he cant play it, no more..


another boys that i chating is from Australia,, kinda funny talk with him,,haha.. 


33 years old hah??
haha,, he only 14 i'm sure when we have a long chat.. here is he..

marlon pulo

i'm just want to get a new friend okay,, around the world,,haha.. nice to meet you people :)

p/s: not all the time we got the right people! damn

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